NetApp Training

These vouchers are your ticket for free Microsoft training days with Fast Lane!

As an athorized NetApp Learning Partner we will compile an individual training offer for you and help you redeem your TU vouchers.

Attention: In many cases the vouchers are not used due to a lack of knowledge. Therefore it is important to check if and how many vouchers are available for your company and when they will expire.

How to redeem your NTU´s:

1. Please check if your license agreement contains NTU´s. (Usually you need the Sales Order number (SO#) or the Purchase Order (Po#)therewith to relate the NTU´S)

2. You contact Fast Lane to discuss the next steps to redeem the vouchers.

3. From this point we will handle the whole redemption process for you.

Click here to see the list of NetApp courses!

For further information about NetApp TUs please either call us on +48 22 639 25 42 or send an email to