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Welcome to the Hack Academy

Our Hack programs have been specifically designed for the participants to collaborate in teams, and under the supervision of Subject Matter Experts, dive into challenges and develop a unique strategy or a solution.

Hacks are also great for increasing professional creativity and self-expression by using the most innovative and technological solutions.

When great hacking minds work together, it’s almost like miracles happening. The goal of every Fast Lane Hack is to push the limits of technology, with the ultimate goal to provide our Hackers with a whole new skill set and confidence.

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The Benefits of Hacking

  • New Connections: Meet fellow enthusiasts that have the same interests, it's the best way to learn and even more so alongside our subject matter experts/coaches who pass on their knowledge and expertise. We provide you with the opportunity for developers and programmers to join their knowledge and accomplish outstanding achievements within their area of interest. It’s also the best way to get into networking and make new, useful connections.

  • Collaboration: Working alongside like-minded people to deepen your knowledge to achieve a goal that surpasses the individual concept of sharing knowledge and accomplishing great achievements. It also highlights the importance of having good communication skills and how teamwork can help you to achieve great things.

  • Innovation: Since one of the main goals of hackathons is developing new ideas, it’s safe to say that every hackathon is a place where innovation is born. It’s the most efficient environment for problem-solving and the most suitable place for developing new ideas. On top of everything, Hacks are usually where ideas for entirely new products come to life.

Hack Academy

Boosting inspiration, innovation, creativity, and productivity

Teamwork makes the dream work!

OpenHack provides a unique and fun upskilling experience for Microsoft employees, customers and partners. Attendees work together in teams to complete challenges that increase in complexity and are actively engaged, requiring deep collaboration, as they learn together.

OpenHack delegates can expect to:

  • Hack on challenges designed to leave you with the skills and expertise needed to deploy within your solution.
  • Network with fellow industry peers and other professional developers from large enterprises as well as Microsoft engineers.
  • Participate in technical talks with industry subject matter experts.
  • Take advantage of the limited number of envisioning sessions with Microsoft experts on your own workplace projects.

Accelerate your Azure certification journey with Fast Lane

Over the last year, we have seen a significant shift in the way in which people wish to learn and consume their knowledge. Moving away from the traditional classroom deliveries, we have witnessed a substantial uptake in demand for a more immersive, hands-on, dynamic learning.

What is the Hack the Cert™ Program?

The Fast Lane Hack the Cert™ Program transforms the traditional ILT (Instructor-Led Training) in order to drive deeper skills development as well as accelerated certification attainment. It also build team capabilities by having learners work in teams to tackle real business problems that are crafted to reinforce exam objectives as well as demonstrate real business outcomes. The Hack the Cert™ program delivers genuine skills and knowledge they can take straight into the workplace.

Gain new expertise around developing, deploying and running applications on Microsoft Azure!

Microsoft Azure Adventure Day is an interactive, team-based learning experience that allows participants to test and learn new skills in a real-world, risk-free, challenging, yet fun environment. Participants work as DevOps teams in a fictional company to tackle increasingly complex challenges without step-by-step instructions. Subject Matter Experts are available to guide teams through this journey as needed.

The gameplay itself will take place in six phases centred around deployment, scaling, change management, monitoring, security, and cost optimisation.


"I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and everyone working as one unit. It really made the experience enjoyable while learning at the same time. The coach was very helpful and polite when our group was possibly steering in the wrong direction to bring us back on track."

Hack Participant

"The immersion and minimal distractions, and way that we had to work far closer together to solve the problems. We worked as a unit on a specific problem, and stuck with it as a team until it was done - in our particular case I think this really helped those more room to up-skill to learn more."

Hack Participant

"This is still a very collaborative approach, even though it is virtual. Having a mix of people meant that where one person had expertise they were able to lead the group, along with splitting up over tasks."

Hack Participant

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