Do you have problems with your WLAN system? Do you want to proactively optimize your WLAN to avoid future problems? Do you want to put new wireless devices through their paces before rolling them out or analyze the effectiveness of changes in your WLAN?

Using the VestiFi-Box, our experienced wireless experts diagnose the exact causes of all your WLAN problems and identify potential for optimizing your WLAN.

Your Advantages

  • Detection of all causes of WiFi problems
  • Highest quality of fault diagnosis
  • Efficient analyses with minimal personnel costs
  • Flexible use on site
  • Latest hardware with support for all WLAN standards
  • Only one unit for indoor and outdoor use
  • Concrete recommendations for action and measures
The VestiFi-Box

The VestiFi-Box is a measuring device for the diagnosis of WLAN problems and for optimizing your WLAN. It can be put into operation in just a few minutes by simply connecting it to the power supply. No further operation is necessary during the measurement, i.e. our experts do not even have to be at your site.

The results are concrete recommendations for action and measures to eliminate the causes of your WLAN problems or to optimize your existing solution. Upon request, we will also accompany you in the implementation of these measures.

Areas of Application

With our analysis services, we support you with WLAN problems in large-scale projects such as WLAN in football stadiums, hospitals, universities, train stations or entire cities, as well as in classic industrial WLAN projects, IoT environments or WLAN optimizations in the SME sector. The VestiFi-Box can also be used in areas that have not yet been developed at all (or only with enormous effort), such as extensive outdoor facilities, cold storage houses, mobile production facilities or mobile machines. Even in very sensitive areas, such as law firms, research and development departments or surgeries, where the presence of external personnel for WLAN diagnosis is problematic or even impossible, deployment scenarios can be implemented.

Wireless Analysis Options

In detail, our analysis options with the VestiFi-Box include, for example:

  • Spectrum analysis in the 2.4 GHz band and 5 GHz band to detect interference and assess WLAN signal quality
  • Analysis of the receivable networks to assess signal strength, channel overlaps and channel scheme, among other things
  • Analysis of wireless channel utilization over time
  • Airtime analysis to identify the causes of busy wireless channels
  • Automatic reconstruction and evaluation of log-in processes (login of clients into the WLAN)
  • Error analysis of roaming processes (change of a client from one access point to another access point, e.g. for mobile clients)
  • Assessment of the connection quality for all WLAN devices used
  • Statistics on the number and properties of existing WLAN clients
  • Analysis and evaluation of the access point configuration
  • Security assessment according to supported and used security functions as well as detection of various active attacks on WLAN clients and WLAN infrastructure


The VestiFi-Box has already been used successfully by many customers, especially in the fields of health care, logistics, trade fairs/events and education/research. We will be happy to provide you with further information in a personal meeting.

Do you have any questions about our wireless analysis services?

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