Splunk SOAR Certified Automation Developer Learning Path (SOARAD-CBLP)


Course Overview

A Splunk SOAR Certified Automation Developer* installs, configures, and uses SOAR (formerly Phantom) servers and plans, designs, creates, and debugs basic playbooks for SOAR. These highly skilled individuals are proficient in complex SOAR solution development, and can integrate SOAR with Splunk as well as develop playbooks requiring custom coding and REST API usage. This certification demonstrates an individual's knowledge and skills in installing and configuring a SOAR server and integrating it with Splunk, as well as planning, designing, creating, and debugging playbooks.

Please Note: This is a Learning Path and NOT a course. It's a discounted offering including all the modules required for this path. The number of actual teaching days is shown as part of the price information but the modules included in the path are usually delivered over a period of 4 weeks as indicated in the schedule. Please contact us if you want to know the exact teaching date and time of all the modules included in the path. The schedule just shows the correct start and end date.

*Formerly referred to as Splunk Phantom Certified Admin


To prepare for any Splunk Certification-Based Learning Path, students should complete these free introductory e-learning modules:

  • What is Splunk? (WIS)
  • Intro to Splunk (ITS)
  • Using Fields (Free) (SUFF) OR Using Fields (SUF) (fee required; includes hands-on labs)

Course Content

Prices & Delivery methods

Online training
Modality: L

Duration 4 days

  • Poland: US$ 2,625.—
Classroom training
Modality: C

Duration 4 days

  • on request

Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.