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Fast Lane Resources

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Here you will find several downloadable brochures on a variety of IT training and consulting topics.


We have tapped leading experts in their field to provide timely, exciting information you want to know! Find out what the latest presentations will be and when.


Read our blogs, that cover a variety of topics relevant to your interests in IT technology and training such as cloud computing, cyber security or IoT. We welcome your active participation, comments and dialogue.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about our offerings; we’ll be delighted to answer them. Call call+48 22 639 25 42 or send an e-mail any time to emailinfo@hectorfastlane.pl to reach us.



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Contact Details

NIP: 1181438722

Paulina Gorczyca
(Vendors: Cisco, Palo Alto)
Telefon: call+48 22 639 25 04
Komórkowy: call+48 785 550 069
Fax: print+48 22 639 25 01

Justyna Bloch
(Vendors: AWS, Aruba, GCP, Microsoft, NetApp, VMware) Telefon: call+48 22 639 25 42
Komórkowy: call+48 785 504 798
Fax: print+48 22 639 25 01