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EMAN cert category: #958, vmware (DE)

VMware Certification

VMware Certification sets the standard for IT professionals and validates the critical skills organizations need to adopt and manage technology that drives desired business outcomes.

VMware Partner - Authorized Training Center

VMware Certifications offer more options when choosing levels and technology areas, along with:

  • Increased flexibility and career growth
  • Advanced credibility with employers, colleagues and clients
  • Improved alignment of VMware training courses with certification requirements
Data Center Virtualization
  • !vcp-dcv-2020
  • !vcap-dcv-design-2020
  • !vcap-dcv-deploy-2020
  • !vcdx-dcv-2020
Network Virtualization
  • !vcp-nv-2020
  • !vcap-nv-design-2020
  • !vcap-nv-deploy-2020
  • !vcdx-nv-2020
Cloud Management and Automation
  • !vcp-cma-2020
  • !vcap-cma-design-2020
  • !vcap-cma-deploy-2020
  • !vcdx-cma-2020
Desktop and Mobility
  • !vcp-dtm-2020
  • !vcap-dtm-design-2020
  • !vcap-dtm-deploy-2020
  • !vcdx-dtm-2020
Digital Business Transformation
  • !vca-dbt-2020
Digital Workspace
  • !vcp-dw-2020
EMAN cert category: #2734 (DE)

Digital Workspace

EMAN cert category: #3009 (DE)

Application Modernization

EMAN cert category: #3093 (DE)